Jan 31, 2002

A Brief and Uninformative Synopsis of the Gatherings of this Blog

Last year (2006-2007 season) I started simply posting tempo-free stats for the major conferences (except the Big Ten which had plenty of good tempo-free analysis already.
It seemed to be well-received and provided a different perspective to in-conference stats.

I've been a little distracted this season, so I can't offer as much daily commentary, but I'll do my best to keep updating the conference stats on a weekly basis.

Keep in mind, all of these numbers are in-conference numbers only. I feel it's a great way to

1. Compare conference teams between each other with "similar" opponents and
2. Compare the varying conference styles between each other
3. Gather a different perspective as to why "such and such" is occurring to your team
4. Validate or "un-de-validate" claims that you may have regarding your particular conference

It should be noted (as you already know) that in conferences that don't do a full round robin (every major one but the MVC and Pac10), you may see a slight imbalance of the numbers due to scheduling differences. Just keep that in mind when you see numbers throughout the season.

I've got the majors. I'll try and do some of the mid-majors as best as I can, for a good shout-out to the Mid-Majority Prophet himself.

If I get enough free time, I'll even attempt to put all of the stats in a sortable, user-friendly data table instead of the unsightly lists that you see now.

Please note. These numbers are based on using total stats compiled on the Conference websites. They are not computed by figuring numbers based on averages of the games' statistics. This is a basic plug-n-chug method.
Here is a good explanation of the differences, care of Big10 Wonk. My plug-n-chug numbers should be viewed more as a good-estimate, where as computing each game's statistics, and taking the average from those would be the most accurate. I do not have access to that type of data unfortunately, so just keep that in mind when discussing these numbers.